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HotKeyz is a very intuitive and complete hotkey manager. It allows you to create your own hotkey combinations to control your operating system from your keyboard. It is a known fact that using the keyboard for common tasks like opening applications and the like is way faster and more productive than using the mouse. Windows has a few hotkeys that you can use, but HotKeyz allows you to override those and add your own.

The application is extremely intuitive. It is easy to add new hotkeys to the list of already included ones. When you add a new hotkey, you have to give it a description, a command and a category. This makes finding hotkeys and managing them a lot easier. HotKeyz comes with a list of hotkeys that you can add, nicely arranged in categories. Those range from window management, to calendar access, to logins and clipboard use. I like that you can simply assign a hotkey to any file that you have on your system. This allows you to use HotKeyz as an application launcher of sorts. There is also support for macro recording and playback.

What makes this application ideal is its size. It is very light and it can work as a portable app, which you can put on a flashdrive and take with you everywhere you go.

All in all, HotKeyz is a very elegant and intuitive solution for establishing a mouse-free environment. It is very powerful, portable, and easy to use.

José Fernández
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  • It is very easy to use
  • It comes with several hotkey categories built-in


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